To Sell More Books, You Have To Write More Books

The late James Brady once told me, “in order to sell more books you have to write more books.”  He wrote at least 17 books and was a columnist for Parade Magazine, a Sunday supplement in all the major newspapers in the United States.

After giving Brady’s statement some thought I decided to research for a list of best-selling authors and the number of books they wrote and how many copies they sold.  Even though I was surprised with the list and numbers, I put the information in my “To Use Someday” file.

Today, is “someday” and I am sharing this information with you.

Look at the list of the best-selling fiction authors and the number of books they wrote and the total sales may surprise you too!

Agatha Christie – 85 books;  2-5 billion copies sold

Barbara Cartland – 723 books;  500 million – 1 billion copies sold

Stephen King – 70 books; 300-350 million copies sold

Danielle Steel – 120 books; 500-800 million copies sold

Dr. Seuss – 44 books; 100-500 million copies sold

J. K. Rowling – 9 books; 350-450 million copies sold

J. R. R. Tolkien – 36 books; 200-250 million copies sold

Apparently, Brady was right.  In order to sell more books, you have to write more books.



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6 responses to “To Sell More Books, You Have To Write More Books

  1. These authors certainly wrote a lot of books. Barbara Cartland must have been writing 24 hours a day to write 723. I haven’t contributed to any of Danielle Steel’s 500-800 million copies sold and have no plans to. I did once read a whole chapter of one her books, I forget which, but that was more than enough for one lifetime.


  2. wardrobewarrior

    This my POOKIE LOOKIE mini commercial, enjoy!


  3. wardrobewarrior

    Hi there! My name is Missie Shealey, a published children’s author from Atlanta, GA and I’m new to your page. Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas! Please check out my books and let me know what you think. STAY INCREDIBLE ALWAYS!!!!!!


  4. wardrobewarrior

    Happy Friday and thank you for sharing!


  5. elainefaber4u

    Would love to write 70 books, but struggling to get the first three sold! And old age and decrepitness is setting in fast. Will I live so long???? Will give it a good try as long as I’m able.


  6. Do I have an other one in me? I am not sure. I need to get through this first process and then decide although I do have some ideas floating around in my head.