Announcing, In the Blood by Scott Skipper


In the Blood, by Scott Skipper

George Washington Skipper was a man with secrets.  He kept multiple wives in two states, spawned at least sixteen children, adopted three children, spent four years in the Confederate Army, shot twice and lived to eighty-five.

There is one more thing and over a hundred years later the family is still scandalized over it.

About the Author:

Scott Skipper is retired from an entrepreneurial career in the metal fabrication industry.  Indulging the luxury of free time, he has returned to his first love, the written word.  Historical fiction is his preferred genre and his first two novels were the result of fifteen years of genealogical research.  His quirky and irreverent style reflects his cynical outlook on life.

4602170This author operates from the seclusion of his home in the foothills of southern California where he lives with an extraordinary wife and two foolish dogs.  Although a seasoned traveler, he finds bliss in his splendid isolation and only rarely ventures into the madding world.  The reader is invited to share a bit of Skipper’s paradise in a collection of wildlife photos taken by camera traps hidden around his property.  Find the slideshow via the author’s website:  Follow the link to the “Bio” page and click on the bear’s eye.

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