Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders by Robert Thornhill

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Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders by Robert Thornhill

Robert Thornhill took his Alaskan Cruise experience and asked the question, What would the story be if his character, Kansas City Police Officer Walt Williams were to go on an Alaskan cruise?

Walt, his wife Maggie, his partner Ox and Ox’s bride decided to take an Alaskan cruise.  What could possibly happen on a cruise ship?  And if something did happen, well the ship would be at sea and the person committing the crime would not be able to get off, unless they jumped overboard.  So, if a crime were to take place on the cruise ship, the cruise security would take care of the problem and Kansas City’s finest would not have to help and they could enjoy the cruise.  Right?  Wrong!

Early in the story, Walt, Maggie, Ox and Judy meet up with another Kansas City couple, Mark and Amy Stewart.  Mark had received a letter from a historian in Skagway, Alaska, who believed he had found the location of Mark’s great-great grandfather’s gold stash.  The historian assured Mark that he had no interest in the gold, just the story.  Out of curiosity and a chance that the letter was for real, Mark and Amy decided to travel to Alaska on the same cruise ship as Walt and the others.

After dinner Mark and Amy learned they were being moved to another room.  In the meantime, another couple was put into their old room.

Early the next morning, Walt takes a stroll down the hall just to find that the maid had previously found two dead bodies in Mark’s and Amy’s room.  He learned the victims were not Mark and Amy.  But Mark and Amy were suppose to be in that room.  Were they the intended victims?  If they were, Walt believed it was his and Ox’s duty to find out why and to keep the young couple safe.

Read Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders to follow the adventures of Walt, Maggie, Ox, and Judy.  You will not be sorry you did.

A word of caution.  Do not eat or drink anything while reading this book to keep you from spewing food and drink out of your mouth when you come to, out of the blue, a hilarious spot in the story.

As a bonus, the author has included photographs from his trip so that readers can see where the ideas for the story line came from.

Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders is number eleven in the Lady Justice Series.

You can order the book directly from Robert Thornhill by visiting his web site at:


About the Author:

Robert Thornhill is an award winning author who took up writing at age 66.  He and his wife, Peg live in Missouri.

Robert is available for speaking engagements to discuss his book or how he started his writing career.

Check out Robert’s web site for videos and a list of his other books.

Robert’s latest book iLady Justice and the Class Reunion.  This book is about a Mexican cartel who recruits young Latino girls to be drug mules.  Will Walt and his partner Ox be able to bring down the cartel?



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  1. Okay, it is now my turn to read a Lady Justice Book. I have the first downloaded to my Kindle and will start reading it this weekend. Can’t wait to check it out.


  2. I have his first book downloaded into my Kindle. I hope to be reading it soon. Would love to hear from any one else who has read his books.