National Library Week

562979_10151543034163416_2066261065_nLibraries are the homes for many books.

Does your local library have a copy of your book?

With this being National Library Week, this is a good time to visit your local librarian and introduce yourself as a writer, author and speaker.

As many libraries or the Friends of the Libraries has funds to pay speakers, ask the librarian to add you to their speakers lists.




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2 responses to “National Library Week

  1. I haven’t been in to our local library in years due to my illness. Due to funding, they have cut their hours considerably. I might contact them when I have the book in my hands and donate a copy.


    • Do contact them. Also contact the local Senior Center, the Health Department, Center for Area on Aging, and other health related organizations in your area.

      Contact your local radio stations and ask if they ever need experts to talk about health and illness and present yourself as the expert, especially since you have the first hand knowledge needed.