Book Review of A Beastly Scandal by Shereen Vedam

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A Beastly Scandal

Fairytale-inspired Regency romances

Book 1 of 4
Shereen Vedam

Genre: Regency Romance

Publisher: ImaJinn Books

ISBN: 978-1-61026-124-1

Number of pages:  216; Word Count: 90,000; Cover Artist: Josephine Piraneo


Book Review by Cynthia Tussey-Harris

WOW!  I was blown away as soon as I started reading A Beastly Scandalby Shereen Vedam.

This is the first of a new series by an author who uniquely retells the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.  It has all the good elements of a romance novel: romance, suspense, conflict, mystery, and a bit of paranormal.

As a historian, I appreciate all the research that Vedam put into this story.  She takes a reader on an adventure set in the winter time of 1823 England and captured the speech pattern and historical descriptions perfectly.  I could plainly envision the actions, attitudes, and clothing of both the wealthy, middle class and the poor.  Vedam also captured the essence of the old English Manor complete with servants, drafts, heating in every room, large family portraits, huge windows covered with heavy drapery and large staircases.

Lady Belle knows her psychic powers makes her different from the other young women her age and that marriage will never be in her future.  She could ignore her powers and have just about any man she would want, yet she chooses to use her abilities to help others.

When Lady Terrance summons Lady Belle to her Clearview Manor to rid the home of its ghost, the young Lord of the manor, Rufus Terrance, is in total disbelief that his mother would ever dream of doing any such thing and forbids anyone to speak of ghosts.  He believes that Lady Belle is at the manor to capture a husband and he is in no position to marry.

Lady Belle finds it fairly easy to read all the members of the household except for Rufus who was good at hiding his feelings.  He was hiding them for a reason.  Rufus had been accused of killing his father and he only has until the New Year to clear his name. If he could not clear his name, surely he would get the hangman’s noose.

I fear if I continue writing about the story here, I will give away too much to the reader.  Just know that the mystery and suspense of ghosts and murders will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you guessing to the very end.

Read A Beastly Scandal to see who is the ghost, why the ghost will not leave the manor, and how Lady Belle uses her psychic powers to bring peace to Lady Terrance.

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About Shereen Vedam:

Introduced to fantasy at a young age, Shereen’s reality is merely a starting point to other realms.

Her world is populated with little people with agendas, elements that talk and spells that rarely work as designed. Her heartwarming historical tales have a healthy dollop of mystery mingled with heart-melting romance, all stirred with a pinch of magic. In her brand new fairytale-inspired Regency romance series, she brings you four beloved fairytales, with a new twist.





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