How to Use Bookmarks to Promote Your Book

Bookmarks is a great way to promote your books.  They are like business card, except you can make them specific to one book.

  • Use them as calling cards and hand one to everyone you meet
  • Send out with all correspondence—even your bills
  • Hand out at speaking engagements, book fairs, trade shows, school visits, etc.
  • Ask libraries, bookstores and other retailers who stock the book to distribute them
  • Leave one on the table with the tip at a restaurant
  • Leave one inside a book you borrow from the library
  • If you are traveling, leave a bookmark at all the “rest areas” you stop at
  • If traveling, leave one on the night-stand in your hotel room or in a friends home
  • If your book is a children’s book, give the local teachers of that grade level bookmarks to hand out to their students
  • Trick or Treaters calling at your door, be sure to include a bookmark along with the candy
  • Leave one inside a magazine at your doctor’s or dentist office


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4 responses to “How to Use Bookmarks to Promote Your Book

  1. I love this idea! Thank you.


  2. I just read something about this recently. I think it is a great idea and probably pretty easy to manage. Is there a place you would recommend to get bookmarks printed? I was thinking something like