Gust’s Maze by Marcia Andrade: A Magical and Spellbinding Children’s Fantasy Adventure

Andrea-Marcia-photoGust’s Maze by Marcia Andrade

Pneuma Springs Publishing, Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom

Paperback – 203 x 127 mm

Gust's Maze

Pages: 130

Published: December 2011

ISBN: 978-1-907728-29-7

Price: United States – $11.99    | United Kingdom – £6.99  | EUR – 7.99

Genre: Fiction: Children’s and Young Adult

About the book:

Gust’s Maze is well written and has believable and colorful characters.  Andrade’s writing is captivating and vivid.  She makes the cursed, snow covered town of Felwitt and the characters come alive.

The book opens with the main character Gust Grubbin, the town’s notorious teenager, trying to help Never – yes, that is another character – to steal a pie.  For his part in this prank, Gust is given community service of shoveling snow.  It is here he meets Ezla and learns why the town was cursed.

Andrade brings seven diverse characters together and sends them on a quest.  A quest where each character uses their own gifts and talents and works as a team in order to lift the curse from the town and its people.

Andrade wrote, “I always wanted to write a fantasy story with little, different twists where the hero would not be so “nice” or “innocent” but on the contrary, a bit naughty, with problems and try to show that even a person like that could change and be useful for a good cause and become a “hero”.” She was successful in her goal.

Author Bio:

Marcia Andrade was born in Brazil.  She has been living in England for the past 20 years.  Andrade has three children and works as a part-time Teaching Assistant in a local school.  For the past 10 years she has been writing children’s stories, starting with picture books and working her way to a long work of fiction.

Learn more about Marcia Andrade by visiting her Web Page:

Connect with Marcia Andrade on Twitter – @kidsreadingbook

Gust’s Maze is available at:  Amazon | Kobo | TESCO Ebooks  |Apple Store


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