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Blanca-Beyar-Long-1Q:  Would you say writing chose you or you chose writing?

A:  Writing certainly chose me for sure. Looking back at my childhood, I loved to role-play and make-believe that I was an actress! However, I also learned how to read at a very young age but I never thought that my future would include writing books—especially in the genre of Mind/Body/Spirit.

My passion to write emerged through the guidance of an angel that came into my life when I began to explore spirituality. In a meditation, my angel told me that I needed to begin to write. I laughed at the thought of it because I was never very proficient in writing.  Still, I was so captured by the guidance and love that I had received from this luminous angel that I followed his guidance and began to write articles on angelic communication. I found an internet portal that featured spiritual topics and in a short period of time, realized that writing was one of my soul’s passion!         

Q:  Do you write under a pen name?  If ‘yes’, what is your pen name?

A: I  do not write under a pen name but there have been several articles throughout my writing career that feature my guru name, Lavanya.

Q:  What genre do you write?

A:  My genre of writing is Spirituality and Self-Help. I also enjoy composing articles for writers and the “Writing Life” because it allows me to share my own experiences in writing and also allows me to share advice for writers who are just beginning to harness their passion for composition and expression.    

Q:  What is the title of your current book?

A: My current release is entitled, “Attributes of Mastery.” It is an empowering book that can be read by anyone who has a yearning to live a more spiritual and fulfilling life. The book features 21 attributes of living that can be practiced by anyone and who will discover a whole new way of experiencing life when they apply these simple but vital attributes to their lives. 

Q:  Who or what inspired you to write this book?

A: I was inspired to write the book by my own observation of how we can prevail from the challenges of life if we are truly seeking to live a life of happiness and purpose. After 13 years of having a private practice as a spiritual counselor and guru, I have witnessed countless of individuals transform their lives by practicing the attributes that I share in “Attributes of Mastery.” I also had the calling to expand the teachings that I offered in my practice to the masses and this book is the answer to that calling.

Q: Do you have other published works?

A: I have written seven other self-help books that include, “The Path to Self-Realization,” “Mending Matters of the Heart,” and “Goddess Mother Speaks.” What makes “Attributes of Mastery” so special to me is that it was published by a traditional publisher and my previous books were all self-published. Each one of my books is geared to help readers to heal their soul and to assist them to discovering a life full of purpose and wholeness. 

Q:  Is your book self-published, published and/or represented by an agency?

A: Attributes of Mastery was picked up by John Hunt Publishing. It was such a joyous moment in my writing career because I had grown frustrated over the years searching for a publisher to publish one of my books and had resigned myself to self-publish. However, when I finished the manuscript for Attributes of Mastery I knew that I had to put aside any past disappointments and to try again. I am glad I did because the book was picked up immediately! 

Q:  What might pique reader’s interests in this book?

A:  I have learned that most readers who have already read “Attributes of Mastery” have been most inspired by the last chapter of the book, where I share some of my own personal challenges in my life and illustrate how the attributes that I share in the book assisted me in unveiling my spirituality and purpose in life. I believe that anyone who reads this book will be able to identify with some of the struggles that we all go through in life but also walk away with a burst of inspiration in knowing that we can prevail from challenges and reach our highest potential if we are willing to let go of the past.  

Q:  Which actors would you choose to play your character in a movie rendition?

A:  Wow…what a great question! I think that I would choose Jodi Foster to play the role of myself because she is such a powerful actress and is able to express her emotions with such passion and conviction. She is also a strong female role model and I humbly feel that my story, my life and my spirit are also very strong.      

Q: What other books or authors would you compare this book?

A:  I love the works of Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay and would respectfully compare my book to their style of writing because each of them share their own personal struggles and then utilize their history to demonstrate how emotions can hinder our ability to be spiritually and mentally healthy.  Their books are geared to help readers to find healing and wholeness by practicing fundamental principles that will assist readers to let go of past, emotional wounds that will then help them to discover a whole new paradigm for living.  

Q:  What are some things readers are guaranteed to get from your stories/books?

A:  Readers will certainly walk away with a burst of inspiration and empowerment after reading Attributes of Mastery. They will also be inspired to look at the way they have been processing life and realize that we all have a choice on how we respond to Life!

Q:  When working on a book, do you follow a certain regiment?

A:  When I am ready to begin working on a book, it is because the seeds of its creation have already been working within my mind, my heart and soul for a while. I usually begin to get insight for a book through my meditations and/or while spending sacred time with my students. Little tidbits will start to come in to my consciousness and then suddenly, I will be ready to sit down and to compose the book.  

Q:  What advice would you give to someone who needs direction in how to write a book?

A:  I would tell anyone who desires to write a book to not become discouraged by the rejections of traditional publishers. Today, the Internet allows writers to share the writings in so many ways that it is no longer necessary to have your book published by a traditional house in order to get it out to readers. I would also advice writers to believe in their passion to write and to not allow the opinions of others to interfere with what they truly desire to write about. There is always going to be readers who will be drawn to your personal message!

Q:  What awards or contests have you won?

A:  I recently won an award for “The Best of 2011” for my holistic practice in the City of Staten Island.

Q:  Where can a reader find your work? (Ex: Web site links, blog links, publishers links)

A: Readers are invited to visit my website at they can also subscribe to my newsletter and visit me on Facebook by searching for “Attributes of Mastery” or my name, Blanca Beyar.  

You can e-mail Blanca Beyar at –

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