Look Heart, No Hands by Randy Travis

I had hoped to miss the yuck that has hit the United States – the dreaded flu bug.  I was not lucky this time around.  What I am lucky at is having a hubby who cares.  He brought me a cup of tea and said, “you must drink plenty of fluids to battle this round.  How else are you going to get all your work done.  You have clients waiting for those News Releases and those Book Reviews.”

“How thoughtful,” I thought.  I could have let negatives thoughts run wild, but what popped into my head instead was this Randy Travis Song:  Look Heart, No Hands.




I remember how it used to feel
Ridin’ down ol’ two mile hill
Tennis shoes up on the handlebars
Payin’ no mind to them passin’ cars
No doubts no fears
Just like when you are here

No chains, no strings
No fences, no walls
No net, just you
To catch me when I fall
Look heart, no hands

Took a little time to get up to speed
To find the confidence and strength I’d need
To just let go and reach for the sky
You kno, sometimes it felt I could fly
No doubts, no fears
Just like when you are here

It doesn’t take much
Just a smile of a touch
And I’m a kid again
I can almost feel that wind


Look heart, no hands


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