2013 Writing Contest

Black Lilac Kitty Literary Services will be hosting our first writing contest in 2013.

Follow our guidelines and start writing today!

The title of our Writing Award is “Gracie Award” named after Cynthia’s Apricot and Cream Tabby Kitten.  Below is a photo of Gracie at about 6 weeks old.

Gracie Kitten



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6 responses to “2013 Writing Contest

  1. One cute kitty – how unusual for a queen to be a ginger though – I always thought all ginger cats were toms. How unusual to have an award named after her too!


    • We thought it would be fun to have an award named after Miss Gracie. She loves lying on the keyboard while I am trying to work. If I move her off the keyboard, then she tries to help by touching the keys with her paws.

      We have several female cats of the orange color on the farm. We also have one huge Tom that is light orange and one huge Tom that is orange and white.


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  3. This sounds like a fun contest! :]