Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year

Today is called “Black Friday” here in the United States.  It is called that because it is a day when department stores get out the red and into the black because of many store sales and customers who start their Christmas shopping.  It is also the biggest shopping day of the year.

Over the past several years, news stations have reported that people actually get trampled by others who are pushing and shoving to get to the that special sale items first.***

I personally, find it distasteful to give Thanks one day, then go out pushing and shoving all in the name of “Christmas” shopping for that special someone or dear friend.

I will not be among the “Black Friday” shoppers.

Instead, I be looking at my “Bucket List” checking to see what can be checked off or what needs to be added on.

*** Side note – An idea for a murder mystery – the victim gets trampled during a Black Friday game of push and shove – however, it is actually a well planned murder.


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  1. You’re completely right about this. Consumerism at its very worst.