Happy Birthday Pegeen Fitzgerald

Pegeen Fitzgerald and husband, Edward, were radio talk show hosts.  And as Pegeen stated, “a regular soap opera.”

Each day at a certain time for over 40 years, loyal fans tuned in to listen to Ed and Pegeen.

Pegeen always celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving Day and never told her friends the actual date of her birth.

Those living in the United States knows that Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday in November and that it is a different number day each year.  For instance, this year Thanksgiving falls on November 22, next year (2013) it will fall on November 28.

What is Pegeen’s real birth date?

Yes, I know the day and year she was born and I have mixed feelings about spilling the beans on her and her tradition of celebrating her birthday on Thanksgiving Day.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I will be remembering Pegeen Fitzgerald and will have a piece of pumpkin pie in her honor.

To You, Pegeen Fitzgerald!


**Note, Pegeen Fitzgerald’s legacy lives on at The Last Post a retirement home for cats.**


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