On Thanksgiving Day — Bond, James Bond in Skyfall

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States.  It is a day to give Thanks for everyone and everything in your life.

The majority of the businesses will be closed to give workers time to spend with family and friends.

Our tradition on Thanksgiving is to go to the movies in the afternoon while many will sit around the television watching football or another re-run of the movie Christmas Story by Jean Sheppard.

Last evening we checked out the list of movies that will be playing at our local theater and we will be going to see Skyfall 007. The latest James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig.

Can you name all the actors who played James Bond?

Have you watched all the James Bond movies?

Have you read Ian Fleming’s James Bond books?

What is you favorite James Bond movie?

Which actor do you believe played the part of James Bond the best?

Answer the questions in the comments to get a conversation going.


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One response to “On Thanksgiving Day — Bond, James Bond in Skyfall

  1. I’ve watched and enjoyed the movies, but haven’t read Ian Fleming’s books. Will have to put that on my list! THANKS!