Holidays around the corner, buy that someone special a book…

With the holidays around the corner, many children are making their Christmas list and others are doing the same.

For those readers on your list, consider purchasing books by self-published authors.

Yes, I know, books by self-published authors are often thought of as “the don’t bother with those books.”  I assure you it would be wrong in passing up any opportunity to check out the self-published books.  Many are really good and some have won awards.

If you purchase books directly from the self-published author, you can have them sign and personalize the book for whom it will be a gift.  Can you do that by walking into a bookstore and buying a book off the shelf?  Not unless the author happens to be in the store for a book signing that day.

I challenge you to give self-published authors a chance.  You might just be surprised.


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  1. Thanks, Cynthia, for the kind words about my new releaseJamie’s Journey: The Savannah.

    I would be happy to sign any books, and Jamie’s Journey is a gift that keeps on giving in a sense, because it is the first of a series. Next year, in book 2, Jamie will enjoy another adventure with his marvelous mat, exploring geography, tangling with the weather, facing down his fears, and befriending some fabulous beasts.

    PS. Just to clarify, I am not fully self-published. I decided to collaborate with Rowe Publishing & Design, a new and non-traditional publisher. Rowe handles all business aspects: editing, formatting, design, printing, marketing, sales, accounting, etc. I write the story, the discussion questions, and collaborate with the illustrator. Compared to the traditional publishing industry, the costs are higher for me up front, but I receive a greater percentage of the profits. In today’s digital world, it makes sense.