The Etherical Release: Theory of the Grave Matrix by Terry Rowe

Now that witches are grabbing their broomsticks, ghouls and goblins are slithering up from the soil,  wicked pumpkins are shaping up everywhere, and ghosts are floating in the air, why not find out why some people see ghosts and not only on Halloween.

The Etherical Release: Theory of the Grave Matrix by Terry Rowe presents a theory of why some people see ghosts.

Rowe stated, “Those looking for ghosts will see them;” “Everything that happens to us throughout our lives is recorded into our DNA;” and “The Zodiac plays a huge part of how the energy from the grave manifests.”

As a pastor of spiritualism specializing in deliverance ministry, Terry Rowe has been investigating, consulting, and helping people better understand the paranormal for over 25 years.  He is an inventor of paranormal equipment and is the owner of Catch a Ghost Paranormal Equipment and Ghost Tours of Kansas and is the founder of Kansas Researchers of Unexplained Phenomenon and the Kansas Paranormal Alliance.

Available at:  Rowe Publishing and Design

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