Once by Mian Mohsin Zia

Mian Mohsin Zia contacted me and asked if I would write a review about his book Once: Ask Me Anything, Not Love. 

Mian also wrote, “Monday, October 22 will be birthday and I hope my book touch your heart and gets a 5 star review. To get a 5 star review on your birthday is a great gift and I’ll be eagerly awaiting.”

New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award winner Burl Barer stated, “Mian is an author with a future — hopefully one with a mainstream publishing house.”   And I concur.

Happy Birthday Mian!  Here is your 5 star review…


When I started reading Once, I could not put it down. I found it to be a powerful religious love story and one that begs to have a sequel.  And as the book unfolded, I started seeing it as a movie, perhaps one made for the Lifetime Movie Network.

Morkel, the main character of the book, has no time for love.  As a novelist he relies on his observations to create characters for his books.  Books that never had a female character, until he meets Maya, a young religious woman who has no one to love her but God.

After spending several days with Maya in Kiev, Ukraine, Morkel knows that something is happening to him, yet he chooses to deny it.  How could it possibly be, for a person who so adamantly declared he had no time for love, fall in love?  And why, when Morkel tells Maya how he used her as research for his book, does he feel horrible inside?

At this point in the book, my heart breaks for Maya as she watches Morkel deny love and flee back home to publish his long-awaited, by fans, book.

It has been said that the person who is in love, is the last one to know it, and that holds true with Morkel.  Once he accepted that he was in love with Maya, he had to do everything in his power to find her again.

Can Morkel find Maya?  Will she forgive him?

Follow along on Morkel’s and Maya’s journey through lies, love, laughter, happiness, betrayal, self-obsession, and selfishness.


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