“Why Boston Streets Are Crooked”

As my husband and I drive through different towns, we always notice the layout of the streets.  Once my hubby said, “I think the planning commissions take large sheets of paper and put them on the floor then ask very young children to draw the layout of the streets.”

While the streets may not be laid out according to a young child’s drawing, I did find something of interest when going through some old newspaper clippings.

I do not know what newspaper this came from nor do I have a date of the newspaper.

This is how the article reads:

“Why Boston Streets Are Crooked”

“It seems that the town of Boston, Mass., is not only noted for its many interesting, historical landmarks, its Liberty Trail and so on, but also for its crooked and narrow streets.  There are many New Englanders today, who still insist that their grandmothers or grandfathers told them years ago that Boston’s streets are crooked because the town was really laid out by the cows.  And it is also well known, of course, that Boston Common was a place where the people who had no pastures of their own, could leave their cows to graze.  That was in the days of early Boston and sometimes there was a slight charge.  Other towns followed this practice.”

Are the streets in your town crooked? If so, tell the story here about why you like the crooked streets or do not like the crooked streets and why you think or know why the streets were laid out crooked.


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