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I don’t typically write about eBooks I edit, but if you have a chance and are interested, please visit to learn more about WE ALL FALL DOWN: THE TRUE STORY OF THE 9/11 SURFER. This book was co-authored by my husband Joseph Bittick and 9/11 survivor Pasquale and Louise Buzzelli and edited by me. You can also order your eBook directly at

Of course we’d also appreciate any downloads, likes, shares, tweets, and reviews you’d be willing to throw our way, as this is my husband’s first published books and one of the most touching books I’ve ever edited.Truly, it’s the story of a miracle, and now that Pasquale has finally found the courage to come forward with his story after several years, it has garnered the attention of the media. You may have recently seen Pasquale and Louise on The Today Show, Inside Edition, ITV Daybreak, or Morning Joe, read about them online or in a newspaper, or caught the Discovery Channel documentary: The 9/11 Surfer.

Pasquale, a structural engineer with Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, was in his office on the 64th floor of the North Tower as the September 11th attacks began. He spoke to his pregnant wife on the telephone before he began his evacuation after the South Tower fell. Sensing something ominous, Pasquale crouched down and huddled into a corner of the stairwell as the 110-story tower came crashing down around him. He survived the tower collapse and woke up in the open air hours later on The Pile, a stack of debris seven stories high. The firemen who rescued Pasquale shared his remarkable story of survival with the media, as did others who cared for him that day. His story became a myth, an urban legend of the so called 9/11 Surfer, and an enigma that gave rise to much speculation. Here he tells his story in captivating detail of falling and “surfing’ the collapse of the North Tower, his road to recovery, and his life with his family and friends 11 years later.

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this eBook will go to the New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation, so please visit for more info, or download, like, and review at

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