Guest Post by Von Rothenberger

We are happy to announce that the new book Covert, Kansas: The Evolution of a Ghost Town by Mona Winder Kennedy is now available for order at the following link:

COVERT is easily the best name for a ghost town to be found anywhere. During its 86 years of existence (1880 to 1966) this unincorporated village became notable for many things despite its quiet agricultural appearance. The giant 1880 Shedd Prairie Fire; Covert Rural High School, the community’s heartbeat and biggest employer; the 1923 discovery of the Covert Meteorite, not only a landmark event in the field of meteorite research but also the kick off for the modern profession of meteorite hunting; and the unsolved murders of the Albert Kaser family in 1928, which still ranks as worst such tragedy in Osborne County, Kansas history.

Through news articles, previously unpublished histories, and former residents’ recollections, author Mona Winder Kennedy’s compilation attests that the history of Covert is synonymous with the history of rural life in Kansas during this period.

MONA WINDER KENNEDY is a retired senior living in Luray, Kansas with husband Peter and top cat Cleo. Her interests – besides three adult children and three grandchildren – include genealogy and local history. Her previous books are a memoir, Life on Covert Creek, and Grand Centre on Wolf Creek, the story of a forgotten community in southern Osborne County, Kansas.

Softbound, 314 pages, with maps, photographs, and index.  $25.00 plus tax.


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