Gatecrasher by Robert Young – Will he eventually become the “King of red herrings?”

Sir Walter Scott wrote, “Oh! What tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Robert Young’s debut novel, Gatecrasher, kept me tangled in the complex web of betrayal, deceit, greed, theft, kidnapping and murder. Although there are many characters in Gatecrasher, Young’s writing was such that helped me keep track of the many characters involved without ever asking, who is this character.

I have to wonder if Young will eventually become known as the “King of Red Herrings.”  The book has several “red herrings” and like Rowling’s huge “red herring,” Snape, in the Harry Potter series, Young has his own special “red herring.”

The characters in Gatecrasher come to life through physical description, unique voice, actions and their thoughts.  Working in financial service probably gave Young his eye for detail in financial analyses, especially as the main character, Daniel Campbell said, “…if you know where to look.”

While the ending of many novels can be predictable, Young’s ending will slap you hard across the face!

For a debut novel, I have to give Gatecrasher 5 stars.  As an upcoming author, Robert Young is one to watch and I look forward to reading his next book.


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