Snow White and the Huntsman, the movie

Recently I saw the movie, Snow White and the Huntsman and I will never look at the children’s book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the same again.

Even thought I wrote an essay years ago about nursery rhymes and their dark side, it was much different seeing it on a big screen.

Kristen Stewart, who played Snow White, is well known as Bella Swan on the Twilight movies.

Charlize Theron is another well known actress.  And she played the part of the wicked Queen convincingly.

It took me a while to place the characters “The Huntsman” and “William.”  After a while I got it, that Chris Hemworth (The Huntsman) also played the part as Thor, although he looked and was a much smaller person in this movie.  And Sam Claflin (William) played the part of Phillip on the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The reason, though, that I will never look at Snow White again as the sweet children’s book is because the book is very vague when it comes to the evil Queen.  The book shows Snow White happily living in a beautiful forest with seven loveable dwarfs that have different names than the ones in the movie.  Even when Snow White eats the poison apple in the book, we expect a handsome prince to save her.

The movie portrays the dark side of evil.  Everything on earth has the life sucked from them or it by Queen Ravenna as she needs the energy to stay young and beautiful.  Even the sky is dark.

The one place the Queen cannot go is into the dark forest.  Because many people of scared of what they do not know, the lifeless forest is a good place for the mind to play tricks and if one lets it, the forest can defeat them.  The special effects in the forest scenes are spectacular.

To see Snow White running for her life from people who are trying to capture her to take her to Queen Ravenna is frightening.

While some things from the book hold true in the movie – Snow White leaves the castle; Snow White goes into the forest; a Huntsman is sent to find Snow White – in one story book the Huntsman killed a deer and took it heart back to the Queen and presented it as Snow White’s heart, but the Queen knew it was not; the Queen disguises herself and gives Snow White a poison apple – not everything is exactly as the book.  And the movies actually has so much more; things I have never heard about in relationship to Snow White.

Great acting by well know actors and actresses along with awesome special effects and other happenings one would not necessarily relate to Snow White make this a “must see” movie.




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