Thin Wire by Christine Lewry

Thin Wire, A Mother’s Journey Through Her Daughter’s Heroin Addiction by Christine Lewry

Christine Lewry’s debut, Thin Wire,  is a private, emotional roller-coaster story from hell.  A story ever parent fears and a story no one wants to happen to them, their children, family members or friends.

Thin Wire is written from two points of view: that of Christine’s and  Amber’s.  Their lives are exposed for the world to view: a life full of raw emotions and feelings.

As a young single mother, Christine, did what others had done and are still doing today: working outside the home to take care of a child.

As time goes by and the child, Amber, began to act out, her actions were taken as a “naughty child,” not a child screaming for help.

Once Christine married and had other children, Amber started to feel left out. Because of Amber’s attitude and behavior, Christine was content to let her go her own way.  Perhaps even thinking that she could do nothing about the situation and if Amber really needed her, she would let Christine know.  All the while neither realizing what was missing from the mother/daughter relationship: communication.

The fight for Amber to overcome her addiction to heroin was a powerful battle.  Powerful in fact that Christine would do almost anything to help her daughter get clean and to gain back her health.  Powerful in the fact that the drug had its hooks into Amber so strong she could not get free by herself.

Even though the battle against heroin was raging around them, life had to go on with everyday happenings: other family members needs and wants and work.

To feel normal is nearly impossible when one is dealing with dishonesty, distrust, and theft on a daily basis.  Yet these are what families deal with everyday, in the name of unconditional love, when they have a loved who is an addict, whether it be drugs or alcohol or both.

The addict, who does the lying, cheating, stealing, etc., also deals with the issues that they know these things are wrong, yet, they have an extremely hard time trying to remove the hooks; trying to break free.

Thin Wire exposes the reader to both sides (the addict and those who are helping them overcome addiction) and because of this, anyone and everyone will benefit from this book.

This book would make an excellent tool for drug and alcohol counselors and for drug and alcohol educational classes.  And a copy of this book should be in every school, every library, and every drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the world.

About the Author  (taken from the Amazon web page)

Christine Lewry lives in Hampshire with her husband and two youngest children. She worked in the defence industry as a finance director for twenty years before leaving to write full-time. Thin Wire is her first book.



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  1. Sounds interesting. I know one single mom with this problem.


  2. Sounds like a good read.