The Cat Who Said Cheese by Lillian Jackson Braun

I love cats.  Maybe it is because the initials of my maiden name equaled CAT or maybe because I was not really allowed to have a cat as a child.  Whatever the case, I love cats.

Several years ago when a friend pointed me toward Lillian Jackson Braun’s The Cat Who series, I had to read them.  Somehow, I missed The Cat Who Said Cheese, and when I realized I had not read it, I had to.

In this mystery, Braun tossed in a few red herrings, described a big hefty guy as a gentle puss ‘n’ boots, included a bombing which killed one person, another person died from bees, and another was murdered in a floral shop. She takes us on a journey that has twists turns, forks in the road, brick walls, shady characters, a journalist named Qwill and his cat Koko.

How many whiskers does a cat have?  This is a question that comes up in the book.  I had to count my cat’s whiskers.  Each has 24 whiskers including the eye whiskers.

Koko has 30 whiskers.

The next question that arose in the book, is a cat smarter if it has more than 24 whiskers?  Possibly.

Koko likes cheese and he responds when Qwill mentions the names of cheese.  So the reader can conclude that Koko is a smart cat.  A house cat.  A cat that never leaves home unless Qwill takes him.

So, how does the cat know about the happenings around his town of Pickax?

He is smart.  Koko listens to Qwill’s conversations with other people.  He makes his own conclusions and has his own way of telling Qwill everything he needs to know to solve the problem, all from responding to the names of cheese.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a light, yet enjoyable book.


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