The Adventures of Holly Holstein, Holly Greets the World by Jim Shroyer

Jim Shroyer self-published his debut children’s book, The Adventures of Holly Holstein, Holly Greets the World. 

For years Shroyer told stories to his four boys, who are all grown, about Holly Holstein.  The stories usually were that Holly Runs Away and Holly Goes to the County Fair.

Shroyer tried the traditional way of publishing his book, however, he was on the receiving end of several rejection letters.  After many years, he decided to self-publish.  Taking the plunge, he hired Rita Kraushaar to do the illustrations.

While speaking to Kraushaar about the illustrations the question came up about whether there will be a prequel later to the story telling of her birth.  Not caring for prequels, Shroyer told his wife, Gail, that maybe he should write the beginning of Holly.  Gail reminded her husband that he had the perfect true story on how to get Holly into the world.

While visiting his mother, Grandma Helen, and celebrating her 90th birthday, Shroyer’s granddaughter wanted to see a baby calf born.  Tom, Shroyer’s brother who works the farm, knew that was a big order to fill.  There was, however, a cow ready to calf, but would the calf be born while Mika was visiting was something Tom could not answer.

During the birthday celebration, the weather changed and a winter storm moved in.  Tom went out to check on the cows because he was afraid that if a calf was born it would surely freeze to death.

What did Tom find when he checked on the cows?

Read The Adventures of Holly Holstein, Holly Greets the World to find out.

The story will introduce you to real people – Grandma Helen, Farmer Tom and Mika.

I understand that future stories will introduce readers to other family members – Sister Martha, Brother Don, and Sister-in-law Sue, and other friends who live in the community.

Shroyer has other books planned – Why Do Pigs Have Curly Tails?, Why Do Cows Have Spots?, and Cows in the House.

Jim is hoping his readers can help him out.  He is looking for sponsors to purchase copies of his books to be given to the Books for Babies program at two designated hospitals.  For more information on this project contact Black Lilac Kitty Literary Services at

The book is available at Black Lilac Kitty Literary Services, Amazon, and your bookstore near you.

If your bookstore does not have this book, request they order it for you.

Jim Shroyer is doing a program and book signing  today at the library in his and Holly’s hometown of Eufaula, Oklahoma.  If you are in the area, visit the library to find out Holly’s favorite cookie.



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