A Child Lost in Flight by Mohan K.

A Child Lost in Flight: Moving on after tragedy on Flight 229 by Mohan K.
ISBN 9-7816231452-8-5
June 17, 2012

This book is a heart wrenching story.  A story that no parent wants to endure: death of a child.

A question many writers often ask is, what should I write about?  More than not, the answer is, write what you know.

That is exactly what Mohan K. did.  He wrote of his personal experiences: the birth of a child, a move across the ocean, the death of a child, grief, moving on, and life’s full circle with the birth of a second child.

Written in a simple, yet elegant style, A Child Lost in Flight is a fast read and can be read in one setting.  Be prepared for strong emotions to swell inside you such as love, anger, hate, frustration, grief, pain, and maybe a few tears.

The story gives insight into Indian culture: “grease the palm” (paying extra for faster service) and the lack of empathy (get over it and move on attitude).

Several times Mohan paid extra: at the morgue, for a copy of the autopsy summary, and at the cemetery where little Aditya was buried.

The attitude of the brother-in-law (get over it and move on) will be a shocker to many western readers.

Mohan wrote of his frustration dealing with the airlines and getting no answers. Included in the book is the letter the airlines wrote defending their position and declaring no responsibility for Aditya’s death.

While the official autopsy pretty much states Aditya choked to death, it raises a lot more questions than answers.  Having to deal with those unanswered questions is the question, how do you deal with unanswered questions?  How do you move forward without answers?

Mohan wanted answers.  He wanted someone to be accountable for Aditya’s death.  He was grieving.

Although Aditya died when he was four-months old, he will not be forgotten, especially by his loving father.

I would recommend this book for anyone who conducts grief counseling sessions.


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