The Curse of Senmut

Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson, sisters, have co-authored many mystery, suspense, and western novels.

Their Ardis Cole Mystery Series are set in exotic locations.  The first, The Curse of Senmut, is set in Egypt.  And is full of murder and mayhem.

Will this entice you to read the book?

Outside a small village near the Valley of the Kings, archaeologist, Ardis Cole arrives in Egypt to help excavate a tomb discovered by her mentor, Jane Darvin.  When Jane is murdered, Ardis assumes the responsibility of the project with the help of Blake Lydon.

Ardis must unravel the tomb’s mystery-an ancient secret concerning two miniature obelisks of gold hidden by Queen Hatshepsut’s love, Senmut, over 2000 years ago.

What about this video created by the publishing company – Rowe Publishing and Design?


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