Does your loved one need help?

Every day the news is filled with murder and mayhem.  Soldiers return from the battle field with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and do not know how to handle not living life on the edge.

Some turn to violence, others turn to drugs and alcohol.

* Note here that it is NOT only Soldiers who turn to violence, drugs, and alcohol.  Many others do too for various reasons.**

Do you have a loved one that needs intervention?

Maybe so.  At times, however, intervention may not work.

A person can only get clean or sober if they want to.

Another thing is, you may not know that your loved one has a problem.

To learn from someone who has been there, read Sue Pruett’s book Our Marriage: Surviving Addiction and Thriving in Sobriety.

Sue never says it is easy.

In fact it is down right hard and emotional.


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