Where to find inspiration

Would you like to write a novel or have you hit a brick wall?  Where do you start or how do I get around or over the brick wall?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, any place, anyone.  When it comes, write it down!

Have you seen the television commercial where the lady is moping her kitchen floor with a mop and bucket of water, then uses the swifter and cuts her time in half.  She has time to go out and sit on her front porch with a cup of coffee.  As she sits down a neighbor passes by and the woman raises her coffee cup to say hello, but doesn’t know the neighbor’s name and her son, who is sitting in another chair, supplies the name for his mother just in the nick of time.

O.K.  now what if you go out onto your front porch and sit down with a cup of coffee and a person passes by and goes into your neighbor’s house, but you that person is not your neighbor.  Or are they?  The neighbor’s mother, father, brother, sister, niece, nephew, friend.  What are they doing there?  Is your neighbor ill?  What is going on in your neighbor’s house?

Maybe you sit down with your cup of coffee on your front porch and notice a moving van across the street.  You know your neighbor should be at work, so what is a moving van doing there?  Has your neighbor decided to move and didn’t tell you?  Are they being robbed?  Is the hubby surprising the wife by removing the old furniture to make way for the new.

Maybe while you are sitting there enjoying your cup of coffee you see stray dog on the street carrying a bone that looks like an arm bone?  Do you just sit there and wonder?  Do you approach the dog to see if what you thought you saw was a human arm bone?  Do you call the cops, the animal control?  Do you follow the dog to see where it goes?  If it is a human arm bone, who does it belong too?

What if you are sitting in a coffee shop and a good looking guy/gal comes in to order a cup of coffee.  Do they order their usual?  Are they regular to the coffee shop?  Could they be the person of a characters dream?  Do they end up dead and being a regular in the coffee shop leaves clues as to who dun it?

Even one of your nighttime dreams can become the basis of your writing.  Keep a note pad and pen/pencil by your bed and when you wake up and remember anything from your dream, write it down.

Look for that inspiration.  It is all around you.

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