Using Sequels to Provide Information

Using Sequels to Provide Information
by Mike Klaassen

Exposition, the fiction-writing mode for delivering information, may be delivered by three methods:

  • Narrative exposition (where the all-knowing, impersonal, and invisible narrator simply states it)
  • Expository devices (treasure maps, diaries, newspaper clippings, etc.)
  • Characters (by what they say, hear, see, smell, feel, think, or recall)

Each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages, and each requires skillful presentation for effective use.

One of the most effective ways to present information through a character is during the thinking phase of a sequel. The character is already in thought as he reviews recent events, analyzes the situation, considers his options, and begins to develop a plan.

Information may surface in a sequel through various channels. The character may simply recall information from the recesses of his mind. Information may be revealed through a flashback scene, where the character relives a significant moment of his past. Other characters may provide information through dialogue if that part of the sequel is portrayed verbally.

We tend to remember information best when it is steeped in emotion (Can you remember your first kiss?), and since a sequel begins with emotion, it is a particularly effective place to convey information.

The right time to present information is when the reader most needs it, and what better time to share information than when the character is reviewing events, analyzing his situation, or considering his options–as in a sequel?

The amount of exposition that can be effectively presented in sequels is limited only by the needs of the story and the imagination of the author. Think of the massive amount of information revealed by Dan Brown in his hugely successful novel The Da Vinci Code.


Author Mike Klaassen publishes “For Fiction Writers,” a free monthly e-zine.




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The White Devil of Dublin

unnamed (2)
The White Devil of Dublin by P. M. Terrell
The White Devil of Dublin was released on September 15. Detective Ryan O’Clery is contacted by a noted historian who claims to have information about his ancestors. When he arrives for their meeting, he finds the historian has been murdered and her computer stolen.

As bodies pile up, his investigation will take him back to 12th Century Ireland. It is a time of the Viking conquest of Ireland on the cusp of the Norman invasion, to an albino Viking who is both feared and despised, known as The White Devil of Dublin, and to a shocking secret his family had kept hidden for more than 800 years.

 It will also put him on a collision course with his nemesis, Diallo Delport. As he pieces together the history behind Delport’s hatred of his family, he must stop the murderous cycle once and for all.

For all the readers of The Tempest Murders who wondered why Diallo Delport targeted Ryan and the woman he loves, you’ll find all the answers in this exciting new release.


Available at:

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The King’s Shilling


The King’s Shilling by Cherise Morgan

Filled with vibrant details, The King’s Shilling is set in a rich time in history when men, in their quest for adventure, enlisted in the British Royal Army – for life! Some were willing. Some were not. Eric wanted nothing more. Trent wanted nothing less. But, after an encounter with a shrewd recruiting officer, their lives take very different paths. If Eric could have known his life was about to be destroyed, he would have preferred the hangman’s noose. He betrays his best friend, becomes estranged from his sister, and sacrifices a relationship with the woman he loves just to stay alive. Trent’s world is turned upside down after he wakes up one morning with a pounding headache – and a shilling in his pocket. Despair turns into an unsettling anxiety as the implication of the coin sinks in. He vows to one day take control of his life but that becomes elusive as the colonies push towards independence. While Eric struggles to escape his miserable existence, Trent makes a daring decision that could cost him his life. Steeped in early American history, this dramatic story is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers engaged to the very end.


About the author:

Cherise MorganCherise Morgan lives in the south with her husband and is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters each married to fine young men. She has three grandchildren and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. Aside from her family, American history tops Cherise’s list of interests, traveling often to historical sites and attending American Revolutionary and Civil War reenactments. Touring period homes are among her favorite excursions. She enjoys reading a good novel but savors biographies of personalities from colonial and antebellum eras. Her other interests include a long day at the beach and stealing away to a cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains. Cherise holds a degree in elementary education. She plans to continue writing historical fiction and to pursue screenwriting as well.


**Disclaimer – information taken from Amazon and BookDaily.**

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Ghost Dog of Red Rocks

cover-front-teddy-800Teddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks

By Jerilynn Henrikson


Teddy, the William Allen White family’s fox terrier died in 1923. In this mix of history and imagination, the author uses Teddy’s ghost to tell his version of the family history. Family members, neighbors, and state historical society employees have experienced Teddy’s “presence” at Red Rocks to this day.

Using WAW’s own writings and historical accounts of his life, the author has created an engaging tale by filling in the blanks with her own knowledge of canine behavior and familiarity with the community of Emporia.

Teddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks is amusing, engaging, and historically relevant!


Available at: Rowe Publishinghenrikson-jerilynn-teddy book

$11.95 (softcover)

$18.00 (hardcover with dust jacket)

  • 72 pages
  • Includes photographs and illustrations
  • 5″ x 8.5″

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The Traveling Herding Teacher

cover-vest-front-800The Traveling Herding Teacher

By Bob Vest as told to Kathleen Freeman Kelly


The Traveling Herding Teacher contains the teachings of Bob Vest, a herding dog trainer in high demand, who traveled endless miles and conducted hundreds of clinics and private lessons annually. Before Bob’s passing in 2009, he traveled to Scotland to have his teachings put together as a collaboration with Kathleen Freeman Kelly. The result is a collection of herding concepts, philosophy, and instruction that represents his years of development and experience as a stockman, herding judge, and herding instructor. The Traveling Herding Teacher should provide an invaluable reference for anyone interested in herding, whether for use on the farm or ranch or in competitions, with many animals or a few, and with any breed of herding dog.bob-dog-herding teacher


Available at: Rowe Publishing

$35.00 (softcover)

  • 196 pages
  • Includes diagrams and some photographs
  • 0″ x 10.0″

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Wishing You Home

cover-front-wishing-800pxWishing You Home

By Eunice Boeve


How do you make a banana split? The answer? Step on it. That is one of the jokes ten-year-old Bobby Benson and his dad, fighting in Germany in this last year of WWII, send in their letters.

Wishing You Home begins with the news that Bobby’s best friend’s dad has been killed in the war. Bobby’s fear for his own dad’s safety increases.


Available at: Rowe Publishing

$12.95 (softcover)eunice-boeve-maggie rose and sass

  • 156 pages
  • Includes illustrated chapter title pages
  • 5″ x 8.5″


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Aussie Herding Dogs

cover-front-australian-800Australian Shepherds of the Mountain WestOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Preserving the History of this Unique Line of Aussie Herding Dogs!

By Kris Toft

The Mountain West equation was one of the most successful in the history of the Australian Shepherd breed. The combination of Jay Sisler, Fletcher Wood, and other dogs of that general type created the highest levels of intelligence, working ability, protectiveness, and versatility.

With the help of others personally familiar with these dogs, the author presents humorous, inspiring, and heart-felt stories shared by the owners of these foundation bloodlines.


Available at: Rowe Publishing

$150.00 (hardcover)

  • 676 pages
  • Full color with over 1500 photographs, diagrams, and charts
  • 5″ x 11.0″


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Richie LeClaire talks to the dead

cover-front-300cover-back-300Even the Dead Won’t Tell You the Truth

By Chip Reichenthal

Richie LeClaire talks to the dead as a Spirit Medium. He finds himself challenged when his best friend is charged with murder. The victim is known to them both, a former flame of the friend’s. With evidence mounting, the accused asks for Richie’s help.

Could he get the victim to help clear him? Upon asking, the victim seems to implicate the friend after all! Could the dead lie to us when we attempt communication? Can the medium really help his buddy?


Available at: Rowe Publishing

$14.95 (softcover)

  • 136 pages
  • 5″ x 8.5″


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Maggie Rose and Sass

cvr-front-sass-800Maggie Rose and Sasseunice-boeve-maggie rose and sass

By Eunice Boeve

Maggie Rose and Sass explores the differences between two races and the culture of the times. The novel is set in 1888 in a fictional town based on Nicodemus, Kansas, a town settled eleven years earlier by ex-slaves from Kentucky.

Life in Georgia with an ugly-tempered, racist grandmother has not prepared the orphaned Maggie Rose for Solomon Town whose citizens are almost all black. Sass has lived all her life in Solomon Town, the daughter of an ex-slave mother and a free-born, educated, mixed-race father. Raised in such totally different cultures, the two girls are bound to clash.

“Insightfully written…historically moving…” -Angela Bates, Nicodemus Descendant, Historian, and Author (Recipient of the 2005 Ralph Waldo Emerson Jones, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award)

“A memorable addition to Kansas young adult fiction. Solidly based on historical fact, yet illustrates some perpetual truths. It is a celebration of both the pioneer spirit and of diversity. Readers will not soon forget this book.” —Roy Bird, former Director of the Kansas Center for the Book, Author of Little Ike: Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Abilene Boyhood and Hark! I Hear a Meadowlark!

Available at: Rowe Publishing 

$12.95 (softcover)

  • 180 pages
  • 5″ x 8.5″

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Four Seeds: Inspiration, Renewal, Beauty, Love

Four 9781939054166-ColorPF.inddSeeds: Inspiration, Renewal, Beauty, Love  by Jennifer Wilson Cooper

The beauty of ascension is in every moment!

In Four Seeds, Jennifer Wilson Cooper invites us in and shares with beauty and inspiring grace her life with cancer. Jennifer identified with Persephone being pulled down into the underworld over and over again. However, like Persephone, Jennifer refused to be a victim. If she was going to be forced to repeatedly return to the underworld, she would take control of what she could and create her own beautiful domain, hopeful and expectant for each change of season.

Four Seeds exemplifies Jennifer’s intention to surround herself with beauty and love and to focus attention on renewal and inspiration. Worldwide, Four Seeds readers continue to draw energy from Jennifer’s inquisitive mind and creative spirit and her strength and tenacity in living out her dreams.

Available at:   Rowe Publishing 

$19.99 (softcover)

$29.99 (hardcover)

  • 200 pages
  • Full color with photographs
  • 5″ x 8.5″

jennifer-cooper-four seeds

Jennifer Wilson Cooper

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