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unnamedWitch Resurrected
War-N-Wit, Inc.
Book 1
Gail Roughton

Genre:  Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Publisher:  Books We  Love, Ltd.

Date of Publication:  September 21, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-77145-314-1

Number of pages:192
Word Count: 63,858

Cover Artist:  Michelle Lee

Book Excerpt:

Chad’s hand moved inside his jacket. I knew it was on the Glock in his shoulder holster.

“Hey, buddy, I’m lookin’ for Zander. Somebody told me he’s the man to see if you want the best. Can you help me out here?” I strained forward. I could barely hear.

“You not lookin’ to score, man. You be getting’ yo’ ass on gone, do you know what’s good for you.”

“Hey!” Chad threw up a hand. Not the one on the Glock. He kept walking towards Zander. “Chill, man! All I want is a little piece of action.” He was closer. Zander, high-alert mode activated, debated whether to run, hold, or attack. I could feel his indecision vibrating in the air.

“No, man. You lookin’ for me.” I saw the material of Zander’s coat change shape under the street light. It poked out in a straight line. The line of a gun barrel. I heard the retort of the gunfire at the same moment I saw a blackish-red flower bloom on Chad’s shoulder. Almost simultaneously, I heard two more gunshots. Much louder gunshots. Two blackish-red flowers bloomed in Zander’s chest. A look of amazement crossed his face. And then he fell.

I was out of the car and running, Stacy hot behind me, as Chad staggered. He fell forward just as I reached him, the blood pumping furiously out of his shoulder. Arterial blood. Had to be. He looked at me and said, “Twice, baby girl. You always shoot twice. Once to take ‘em down, once to finish it.”

I caught his arms just as he fell, and we went down together. Not because I wasn’t strong enough to hold him up. At that moment, the adrenaline was pumping so furiously I could have held him up had he weighed much more than he did. We went down together because he was passing out from the sudden massive blood loss. And so was I. Without losing a drop.

Book One available at Amazon.



unnamed (2)Mean Streets
War-N-Wit, Inc.
Book 2
Gail Roughton

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Publisher:    Books We Love, Ltd.
Date of Publication: October 17, 2014


Number of pages:194
Word Count: 58,274

Cover Artist: Michelle Lee

Book Excerpt:

I peered around the corner of the Tallahassee alley where we’d parked the SUV. Yep, there he was. The skip. Danny Delvecchio, a/k/a Ferret a/k/a Dapper Dandy Dan. At the moment, operating as Father Daniel right in front of the Teen Rescue Center run by St. Benedict’s and soliciting donations with practiced ease. I shoved the wimple completing my nun’s ensemble above my eyebrows. Damn thing kept slipping down.

“One more time, from the top,” Chad said.

“Magic Man! It’s not rocket science! He’s just a sleazy con man parading around as a priest. Which is really low, even for a bail-jumping con man.”

“Sure is. So from the top. You’re going to—”

“I’m going to rush up, grab him and babble about a poor boy doubled over in the alley who’s probably overdosed and come with me now, I need help. That about it?”

“That’s about it.”

“Okay. I’m on it!”

I peered around the corner again. Good a time as any. I hitched my habit up a bit and headed toward him in a sprinting semi-jog.

“Father! Father, I need help—”

Before I could grab his arm, I heard an echo. Not in my voice though.

“Father! Father, I need help!” And a hand, not mine, grabbed Dapper Dandy Dan’s arm from behind.

“Oh! Thank you, sweet Jesus!” The hand dropped Dandy Dan’s arm and grabbed mine. “You’re even better! The Lord provides!”

An older nun hauled me through the door of the Rescue Center, her habit flying out around her legs.

“One of the girls—she’s in labor and I’m all by myself right now, even all our kids are gone this morning! We didn’t know she was pregnant. She’s been hiding it under big sweatshirts. I’ve called for an ambulance but I don’t know if they’ll make it, she’s been in labor for a while, I think, she’s in denial! She refuses to believe she’s having a baby!”

She pulled me through a curtain separating the front room from a back room used as a dormitory. The girl lay on a cot under a sheet she clutched close, refusing to let go. And she was all of fourteen. Maybe.

“Sister Marie! Sister Marie! It’s just a stomachache! You’ve got to let me up, I’m not—” She broke off and writhed in pain. Sister Marie dropped to her knees besides the cot.

“Sandra, you’ve got to listen to me! I’ve called for help but it might not get here in time. You’ve got to let us help you, child. You are having a baby and if you don’t listen to me and open your legs, you can hurt it. Badly. You don’t want that, do you?”

Wisps of gray hair peeked from Sister Marie’s wimple, and a harsh ray of sunlight highlighted every wrinkle on her face. Her hand, visibly work-worn and roughened, smoothed the girl’s hair back from her forehead. Sitting there in a halo of harsh sunlight, face lined with compassion and concern, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I felt like a fraud. Until I remembered. I could help. There was no such thing as coincidence. I was here for a reason.

Book Two Available at Amazon



unnamed (1)About the Author:

Gail Roughton is a native of small town Georgia whose Deep South heritage features prominently in much of her work. She’s worked in a law office for close to forty years, during which time she’s raised three children and quite a few attorneys. She’s kept herself more or less sane by writing novels and tossing the completed manuscripts into her closet.

A cross-genre writer, she’s produced books ranging from humor to romance to thriller to horror and is never quite sure herself what to expect when she sits down at the keyboard. Now multi-published by Books We Love, Ltd., her credits include the War-N-Wit, Inc. series, The Color of Seven, Vanished, and Country Justice. Currently, she’s working on Black Turkey Walk, the second in the Country Justice series, as well as the Sisters of Prophecy series, co-written with Jude Pittman.

Another War-N-Wit plot always seems to be brewing on the back burner, too, whether she’s actually trying to brew one or not, and usually boils quicker when she’s trying not to brew one at all.

Amazon Page: http://amzn.com/e/B007JVZCKQ

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/GailRoughton

Web-Blog: www.gailroughton.blogspot.com

Books We Love, Ltd. http://bookswelove.net/roughton.php

Twitter: @GailRoughton


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Toby’s Tales

Title: A Place to Call Home: Toby’s Tale364478

Author Name: G. A. Whitmore

 Book Genre: Middle-grade/Young Adult

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Release Date: February 19, 2014

Buy Link(s):


 Barnes & Noble

Book Description:

Every rescue dog has a tale to tell, a story uniquely their own. A Place to Call Home is Toby’s tale. His story takes you on a journey across the country from California to Connecticut and across the spectrum of life’s emotional and spiritual experience.

Born on a small farm in northern California, Toby narrowly escapes the death sentence imposed on him by his breeder. Through a series of events driven by good intentions, he finds himself in a Connecticut suburb where life with his new family soon collapses on him, and his newfound happiness is brutally destroyed.

On his quest to find a place to call home, Toby encounters and endures the best and worst of humanity as he comes face to face with sorrow and joy, fear and courage, and ultimately, with the power of love.

Based on a true story, A Place to Call Home is a young adult novel for dog lovers of all ages.


This excerpt is a scene from one of Toby’s dream sequences:

Was this another dream? Who would visit him in this dream?

As if in answer to his question, a large pack of wolves and dogs slowly materialized out of the enshrouding gray and one-by-one encircled him.

The snow stopped falling. All was still and quiet.

A long, wailing howl pierced the silence.

Followed by another.

Then another.

After a few moments, a chorus of howls erupted from the group that now surrounded Toby. A primordial urge rose within him. He stood up and shook off the light layer of snow that had accumulated on his fur. The urge grew stronger, more compelling, until he realized his own voice had joined the others. The multitude of voices became one as they howled on and on, until the cry reached its crescendo and abruptly ended, leaving an echoing silence around them once again.

A large, white figure approached Toby.

“Welcome to our pack, Toby.” The figure turned, and with a nod of his head, indicated the others. He turned back to Toby. “How did you come to be here?”

          Toby tried to find his voice, but the howl still reverberated in his throat. When he finally spoke, his reply was weak and raspy. “I don’t know. I don’t even know where here is.” He hesitated, and then asked, “How do you know my name?”

“My name is Strider, Toby. I am your grandfather.”

Strider! The memory of lying with Tara next to his mother as she told them the story of Sadie and Strider came flooding back to him and he felt a warmth of emotion flow through his body.

“Where is this place? How did I get here?” Toby asked.

Strider paused in thought for a moment, and then replied, “This land is a different place for different creatures, yet it is the same place for all creatures. For us,” Strider swept his large head around him, “this is the place we call home.”


7889561Author Bio:

Ms. Whitmore’s passion for writing and her love of dogs come together in her series The Rescue Dog Tales. The first book in the series, A Place to Call Home, is based on the true story of Toby, an abused dog she adopted from the Connecticut Humane Society. Ms. Whitmore currently lives in Connecticut with her rescue dog Kadee.



 Author Links: 

Website: http://gawhitmore.com


Twitter: @gawhitmore



Book Tour Hosted by: Virtual Book Tour Cafe

Tour Schedule

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Using Sequels to Provide Information

Using Sequels to Provide Information
by Mike Klaassen

Exposition, the fiction-writing mode for delivering information, may be delivered by three methods:

  • Narrative exposition (where the all-knowing, impersonal, and invisible narrator simply states it)
  • Expository devices (treasure maps, diaries, newspaper clippings, etc.)
  • Characters (by what they say, hear, see, smell, feel, think, or recall)

Each of these techniques has advantages and disadvantages, and each requires skillful presentation for effective use.

One of the most effective ways to present information through a character is during the thinking phase of a sequel. The character is already in thought as he reviews recent events, analyzes the situation, considers his options, and begins to develop a plan.

Information may surface in a sequel through various channels. The character may simply recall information from the recesses of his mind. Information may be revealed through a flashback scene, where the character relives a significant moment of his past. Other characters may provide information through dialogue if that part of the sequel is portrayed verbally.

We tend to remember information best when it is steeped in emotion (Can you remember your first kiss?), and since a sequel begins with emotion, it is a particularly effective place to convey information.

The right time to present information is when the reader most needs it, and what better time to share information than when the character is reviewing events, analyzing his situation, or considering his options–as in a sequel?

The amount of exposition that can be effectively presented in sequels is limited only by the needs of the story and the imagination of the author. Think of the massive amount of information revealed by Dan Brown in his hugely successful novel The Da Vinci Code.


Author Mike Klaassen publishes “For Fiction Writers,” a free monthly e-zine.

Visit www.mikeklaassen.com



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The White Devil of Dublin

unnamed (2)
The White Devil of Dublin by P. M. Terrell
The White Devil of Dublin was released on September 15. Detective Ryan O’Clery is contacted by a noted historian who claims to have information about his ancestors. When he arrives for their meeting, he finds the historian has been murdered and her computer stolen.

As bodies pile up, his investigation will take him back to 12th Century Ireland. It is a time of the Viking conquest of Ireland on the cusp of the Norman invasion, to an albino Viking who is both feared and despised, known as The White Devil of Dublin, and to a shocking secret his family had kept hidden for more than 800 years.

 It will also put him on a collision course with his nemesis, Diallo Delport. As he pieces together the history behind Delport’s hatred of his family, he must stop the murderous cycle once and for all.

For all the readers of The Tempest Murders who wondered why Diallo Delport targeted Ryan and the woman he loves, you’ll find all the answers in this exciting new release.


Available at:

The White Devil of Dublin is available through every book store in America as well as in many countries overseas. Latest publishing statistics show that less than 1% of all books released are featured in traditional book stores, so if you don’t see it on the shelves, please ask for it.

It is also available from amazon right now in trade paperback and in eBook format. And it’s available for the iPad in the iBooks Store, for the Nook on Barnes and Noble, and in all other eBook formats.

  Visit this link for amazon’s trade paperback, or this link for the eBook on amazon. Or visit www.pmterrell.com to order the book with free shipping and handling.
unnamed (1)
I hope you’ll visit my website at www.pmterrell.com, where you can watch one of my television appearances, listen to a radio interview, or click through to the newspaper or magazine articles.
 If you’re on Facebook and you haven’t friended me yet, please do so! I post information on Facebook that you won’t see anywhere else. I am also onTwitter @pmterrell. And please follow my blogs atwww.pmterrell.blogspot.com. These are great places to give me feedback and ask me questions!
My books are available at all fine book stores. If you don’t see them on the shelf, please ask for them.


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The King’s Shilling


The King’s Shilling by Cherise Morgan

Filled with vibrant details, The King’s Shilling is set in a rich time in history when men, in their quest for adventure, enlisted in the British Royal Army – for life! Some were willing. Some were not. Eric wanted nothing more. Trent wanted nothing less. But, after an encounter with a shrewd recruiting officer, their lives take very different paths. If Eric could have known his life was about to be destroyed, he would have preferred the hangman’s noose. He betrays his best friend, becomes estranged from his sister, and sacrifices a relationship with the woman he loves just to stay alive. Trent’s world is turned upside down after he wakes up one morning with a pounding headache – and a shilling in his pocket. Despair turns into an unsettling anxiety as the implication of the coin sinks in. He vows to one day take control of his life but that becomes elusive as the colonies push towards independence. While Eric struggles to escape his miserable existence, Trent makes a daring decision that could cost him his life. Steeped in early American history, this dramatic story is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers engaged to the very end.


About the author:

Cherise MorganCherise Morgan lives in the south with her husband and is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters each married to fine young men. She has three grandchildren and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. Aside from her family, American history tops Cherise’s list of interests, traveling often to historical sites and attending American Revolutionary and Civil War reenactments. Touring period homes are among her favorite excursions. She enjoys reading a good novel but savors biographies of personalities from colonial and antebellum eras. Her other interests include a long day at the beach and stealing away to a cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains. Cherise holds a degree in elementary education. She plans to continue writing historical fiction and to pursue screenwriting as well.


**Disclaimer – information taken from Amazon and BookDaily.**

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Ghost Dog of Red Rocks

cover-front-teddy-800Teddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks

By Jerilynn Henrikson


Teddy, the William Allen White family’s fox terrier died in 1923. In this mix of history and imagination, the author uses Teddy’s ghost to tell his version of the family history. Family members, neighbors, and state historical society employees have experienced Teddy’s “presence” at Red Rocks to this day.

Using WAW’s own writings and historical accounts of his life, the author has created an engaging tale by filling in the blanks with her own knowledge of canine behavior and familiarity with the community of Emporia.

Teddy, the Ghost Dog of Red Rocks is amusing, engaging, and historically relevant!


Available at: Rowe Publishinghenrikson-jerilynn-teddy book

$11.95 (softcover)

$18.00 (hardcover with dust jacket)

  • 72 pages
  • Includes photographs and illustrations
  • 5″ x 8.5″

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The Traveling Herding Teacher

cover-vest-front-800The Traveling Herding Teacher

By Bob Vest as told to Kathleen Freeman Kelly


The Traveling Herding Teacher contains the teachings of Bob Vest, a herding dog trainer in high demand, who traveled endless miles and conducted hundreds of clinics and private lessons annually. Before Bob’s passing in 2009, he traveled to Scotland to have his teachings put together as a collaboration with Kathleen Freeman Kelly. The result is a collection of herding concepts, philosophy, and instruction that represents his years of development and experience as a stockman, herding judge, and herding instructor. The Traveling Herding Teacher should provide an invaluable reference for anyone interested in herding, whether for use on the farm or ranch or in competitions, with many animals or a few, and with any breed of herding dog.bob-dog-herding teacher


Available at: Rowe Publishing

$35.00 (softcover)

  • 196 pages
  • Includes diagrams and some photographs
  • 0″ x 10.0″

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Wishing You Home

cover-front-wishing-800pxWishing You Home

By Eunice Boeve


How do you make a banana split? The answer? Step on it. That is one of the jokes ten-year-old Bobby Benson and his dad, fighting in Germany in this last year of WWII, send in their letters.

Wishing You Home begins with the news that Bobby’s best friend’s dad has been killed in the war. Bobby’s fear for his own dad’s safety increases.


Available at: Rowe Publishing

$12.95 (softcover)eunice-boeve-maggie rose and sass

  • 156 pages
  • Includes illustrated chapter title pages
  • 5″ x 8.5″


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Aussie Herding Dogs

cover-front-australian-800Australian Shepherds of the Mountain WestOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Preserving the History of this Unique Line of Aussie Herding Dogs!

By Kris Toft

The Mountain West equation was one of the most successful in the history of the Australian Shepherd breed. The combination of Jay Sisler, Fletcher Wood, and other dogs of that general type created the highest levels of intelligence, working ability, protectiveness, and versatility.

With the help of others personally familiar with these dogs, the author presents humorous, inspiring, and heart-felt stories shared by the owners of these foundation bloodlines.


Available at: Rowe Publishing

$150.00 (hardcover)

  • 676 pages
  • Full color with over 1500 photographs, diagrams, and charts
  • 5″ x 11.0″


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Richie LeClaire talks to the dead

cover-front-300cover-back-300Even the Dead Won’t Tell You the Truth

By Chip Reichenthal

Richie LeClaire talks to the dead as a Spirit Medium. He finds himself challenged when his best friend is charged with murder. The victim is known to them both, a former flame of the friend’s. With evidence mounting, the accused asks for Richie’s help.

Could he get the victim to help clear him? Upon asking, the victim seems to implicate the friend after all! Could the dead lie to us when we attempt communication? Can the medium really help his buddy?


Available at: Rowe Publishing

$14.95 (softcover)

  • 136 pages
  • 5″ x 8.5″


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